The outdoor furniture decorate leisure space

Time:2012-12-29 03:37:25
With the improvement of modern life, their home life begins to come out of the room, more and more people want to build their own outdoor small world. Outdoor furniture is becoming a new fashion, more emphasis on personalization and feelings, and allow people to experience the romantic life in the busy work, quietly.

Outdoor furniture gradually derivative

Outdoor furniture is a derivative product in the field of furniture. Bring furniture, we tend to think of the family sofa, tables and chairs ... However, with the development of the industry and market development, a product in the field tend to new products, such as computer technology development and people's needs makes the computer product updates from generation to generation.

Enjoy the warm winter sun

Jinan very lovely autumn and winter, the sun is mild, you may wish to temporarily bedroom life moved outdoors, to feel the the casual romantic in the warm sunshine, rattan rocking chair, iron furniture coolness under umbrellas, autumn and winter the warm sun, let outdoor furniture, play a leading role.
If you have a small space of one intimate contact with the outside world, living in the city "pigeon holes" Do not live up to. The kind of warm, rustic outdoor wood furniture, plus lover like warm sunshine can be romantic throughout the winter. Haunted flowers and vines, wooden furniture, should be the dream of many women, logs, after carbonation treatment in dark colors, so the more sedate and thick logs of outdoor furniture, giving a practical sense. Some designers back chairs plus a "roof", feels more pure, more pastoral outdoor furniture.

To build outdoor private genus space

With modern living space extends outward, the new requirements have been the performance of the furniture. Outdoor furniture for people to return to nature more choice, both to meet the outdoor relax open space needs, but also for people to create the the outdoor private genus space.

Design to be people-oriented

Outdoor furniture design should pay more attention to people's feelings, more streamlined, arc, leaves, and flowers such as modeling the theme of people to feel close to nature, giving the outdoor furniture A poetic beauty and temptation. Its design principle should be to meet the body curves and material properties for the two reference points, the overall shape of the fluidity and rhythm, the body and mind fit perfectly the best sense of belonging.