New folding chairs item for 2015 year

Time:2015-01-22 12:00:00

This is Yongkang Yifan Leisure Products Company, long time no see! Now it's 2015 year, HAPPY NEW YEAR first!

To improve the supmarket, we have some new items. One is connect- chairs: YF-221S and YF-221F. YF-221S have 6pcs chair contacted, and YF-221F have 4pcs contact. If you can not understanding, pls enter the connect-chairs link. You can use these long chairs for family party and friends party, 4 or 6 people can sit on the chair together. If you folding this chairs, they only have small space but a little heavy, pls noted.

The other one is a big teslin chair: YF-262A. This chair can use for sandbeach, you can lie on it and enjoy the sunshine, it's perfect!

Sunny weather, with family or with your lover, go to the beach to releax, enjoy the sea breeze, watching the waves as one falls.......