Loungers: casual an attitude toward life

Time:2012-12-29 02:23:46
Chaise lounge chaise lounge on the warm embrace of this life imitate imitate the warm embrace of this life. Nowadays, comfortable, The thoughtfulness has become a new direction of development of the furniture, the so-called leisure furniture precisely echoes the sentimental humane demands. Leisure furniture main loungers. As the saying goes: "It's delicious, however dumplings, comfortable, but lying down", so busy traveling day, back home, the most comfortable recline exhausted body to completely relax themselves into like "horse". The leisure chair showed extreme comfort, like the gentle embrace of the parents to give them. We can learn much from the design and styling of a lot of loungers on to the center and the center of gravity is: embodies meticulous care products to the people, so that the product to adapt to people, not the people to adapt to the product.

Easy chair, Happy chair lounge chair is the most "ancient" Now, they face the chair has evolved into a wavy, and people lying on top of the ups and downs of the body is consistent, this humane transformation allows the body to extreme relax and stretch. Some loungers still shelter fitted massage minutiae at very thoughtful design.

Some loungers design ideas from pillows, cushions, cushions, mother care, simulation legs and arms, when users sit down, the chair will make the appropriate adjustments to adapt to the user, has reached with the chair good combination. Stainless steel chair skeleton and shell, internal soft cotton heart, the appearance of a cloth coat, convenient removable and washable.

Some loungers and place a small table, need can be pulled out and placed on top of the food and beverage. The backrest used for the design of the human back curves and curved the foreign knife-like chair legs, beautiful shape and a reasonable functional structure people lying above comfortable, such as in the cloud, just sweet sleep.

Most people easily and asleep loungers is a rocking chair. The rocking chair of the most important is the perfect angle of one pair of rear legs, enough to support the butt weight and rocking chair are brought into contact with the ground when the sliding equilibrium. In the United States, the rocking chair is often breastfeeding mother Zagu, women almost all pregnant women stage joined rocking chair family, because the rocking chair can ease gradually apparent back pain during pregnancy. In fact, the rocking chair sitting posture, Americans love, Europeans do not agree with, or that such a posture does not exist in the European culture to elegant famous. However, the slow rhythm of shaking our tired body and mind fall asleep, this moment scattered leisurely day, who ignore the harsh elegance of old Europe.

Local shape and scale of the chair has a great influence on the use of. Such as: it determines the height of the backrest and armrest. Consider the characteristics of human anatomy, the hip muscles huge and solid, is one of the parts of the body most able to withstand voltage. So right Desks should be designed so the focus falls on the hip bones of the upper body.

(A) sit side sit too high surface is too high so that the legs vacant, not only the pressure on the leg muscles, and upper legs, lower legs and back muscles showed tension, sooner rather than fatigue.

(B) take the surface is too low when the sitting is too low to the knee angle or less than the pressure of over-concentration of 90 ° when the human body, abdominal muscles squeeze can not be the guarantor of the waist callosum Ministry vertebrae appropriate state affects the back muscles, increases back muscle load time, lead to the pain and discomfort leads to fatigue.

(C) take the width of the face, referring to the narrow width of the surface of the length of the front of the plane sit sit, feeling not appropriate to use in addition to feel stiff muscles on both sides of the body are particularly squeezed; sitting surface width too wide arms must be out done, the latissimus dorsi and shoulder deltoid tendon tissue stretching. Both of which are prone to fatigue.

(D) the length of the dynamic range of the backrest greater time to set back; static work and dynamic rest without hampering the work and activities appropriate support, backrest height can be lower first two lumbar began to increase, can reach the shoulder blade, neck; static rest can require the length of the backrest to support the head.