Village Leisure 'in the end to see outdoor furniture creative DIY

Time:2012-12-29 03:37:25
Perhaps for new homes in time for the season decoration decoration a busy few months after finally something indoor space decorated're done, a layer of small courtyard floor balcony or rooftop terrace layout is not yet to a satisfactory solution ? Indeed, living in the city, "pigeon", the party with the outside world "intimate contact" small space is more precious. Perhaps this outdoor furniture come in handy, the to decorate outdoor furniture, it will likely become the second private space, and this completely your own private space will allow you to fully enjoy the gift of nature.

DIY Outdoor Furniture Village Leisure 'carried out in the end

Unlike indoor furniture outdoor furniture, although it can also pay attention to coordination and comfortable, but if you just simply moved to outdoor, indoor sofa, coffee table, loungers, not only there is a feeling of nondescript, but also make you feel a bondage, even produce visual fatigue. Therefore, users outside furniture decorative small courtyard, balcony or terrace, modern home is also a very particular skills.

Outdoor furniture, most varieties of umbrellas, leisure tea table, folding table, deck chairs, ovens, swings.

Different space design assertion

Now more and more people living split-level, duplex and villas, houses on floor balcony or open-air platform, its own garden, is also no longer a novelty. The living space extends outward, the people with the idea to create this outdoor private space, outdoor furniture naturally come into play.

Of course, users outside furniture to create the second most luxurious private space or to highlight the individual have a personality, not only decorative style, selection of outdoor furniture, but also according to their own needs. If the house is only one floor balcony, may wish to purchase an indoor furniture the same color or opposite wood or rattan outdoor leisure low table, adding two square stools, decorate on a few pots of dwarf plants in its next , which not only make the balcony narrow space seem spacious Some also deliberately to create a Tetraena small courtyard views.

If living in the house of the thermocline, decorate necessary for the open-air platform carefully. First, find a good use of this platform, if it is a venue for family and friends together, and the area is large enough, you can put a round dining table, matched with four chairs, and umbrella propped above around the platform can be embellished some of the tropical plants, or put a simple oven and a long table, so that you can open an air BBQ Party; However, if the platform is just you relax, watch outdoor views of the site, you only need a deck chair and a small tea table is enough.

If you have a house with a garden, outdoor furniture is not only limited to the most simple of several, depending on the need, in the garden is divided into several functional areas, and to distinguish between these functional areas, naturally differ from those used for occasions with different uses of outdoor furniture.

Garden, sun, trees, flowers, fresh air, coupled with wooden outdoor furniture is the most natural.

The breakdown of the most comfortable outdoor furniture wood

Outdoor furniture, most varieties of umbrellas, leisure tea table, folding table, deck chairs, ovens, swings, and to subdivide up various varieties, and the emergence of many small classified according to different uses and occasions. Such a calculation, the breakdown of these categories, the less there are hundreds of.

Array of outdoor furniture varieties, the material alone they have thirty-four kinds. , Aluminum outdoor furniture not only looks stylish, simple, and aluminum itself is very light weight of the package of furniture does not sink, so in addition to a balcony or terrace can be placed at home, you can also travel time carry, regarded as the most affordable one; addition to aluminum outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture, there is a ferrous metal materials, this iron outdoor furniture after the wind and the sun, will inevitably rust, but also has a winter cool summer hot bad touch, but it is strong advantages of choice for many of the most important reason, especially iron swing and hammock, definitely allows you to safely enjoy. The corresponding outdoor furniture with metal material, is made of a wood or bamboo and rattan outdoor furniture products, it is relatively young compared to outdoor furniture with metal material, but also in recent years before the rise of the.

As our pursuit of indoor furniture materials, wooden outdoor furniture gives the greatest feeling is comfortable, and this is it will soon occupy the market, the most important reason, and, if it is placed in the small courtyard, balcony or terrace for a long, wooden outdoor The furniture is also easy to supporting the entire living room of furniture, not to appear too obtrusive.