Lounge chair - Square flower beds replaced with a girth chairs

Time:2012-12-29 03:37:25
Binjiang Road while the city government recently big transformation, have carried out a thorough clean-up of the overall outdoor facilities as well as some tree pruning work, some planted ornamental sweet-scented osmanthus tree, long pruning for pruning large and old sanitation The facilities also removed. The municipal government said, Binjiang Road is a large number of new people as well as young people like to come to the place, the crowd of wedding photographs and photo shoot particularly crowded, in order to meet the needs of the general public, we will reinvent some.

Municipal government Binjiang Road to build a people a good place to take pictures as well as leisure, not only add some European floats along the river crossing, a big change is to the the entire plaza trash lounge chair. Lounge chair on the Square rows and rows and rows stood seemed particularly old-fashioned. Ornamental tree with flower beds plus lounge chair placed throughout the plaza seem narrow, To make the site appear to be more lenient, and be able to accommodate more people winter sun as well as leisure, the city government decided to dismiss the previous vintage lounge chair, renovation into a tree around the chair.