In the end what kind of chair is consistent with operator ergonomics

Time:2012-12-29 03:37:25
Ergonomic home to mention would say know. Then you really know? What does ergonomic contains? What is ergonomics? Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Chongqing Arlau public facilities today Xiaobian take you to truly understand what ergonomic chair.

So-called ergonomic We often call: drive science, ergonomics, human engineering or ergonomics! In fact, the ergonomics are six branches of science, which six? Let me introduce: anthropometry, biomechanics, work physiology, environmental physiology, engineering, psychology, time and work study.

Of course, this long list of what to measure students biomechanics. . . In order to truly understand all that one is enough for you to choke the. Not to mention six. Of course, you also have not the time to try to understand. So know that the body of engineering which branch of science composed on the line. We are now really need to know is what kind of chair for ergonomic. How to choose an ergonomic chair.

How you should pick the outdoor leisure ergonomic chair, to look underneath:

Materials, outdoor lounge chair for outdoors because of their environment, so the material optionality narrower. Mostly granite, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel pipe and other materials. Placed more for parks, residential, roadside and other public places, and high damage resistance (the sun's ultraviolet a result of its high exposure to wind and rain corrosion, vandalism, etc.), it is necessary to require regular maintenance and refurbishment.

Practical: fire, theft, anti-corrosion, to meet more than the rest without disturb each other;

Material: toxic or hazardous materials can not be used, and easy to clean. Due to the special nature of outdoor use, general wood: wood preservative, imported fir camphor, Russia Pinus sylvestris, wood and other materials, the timber has a very strong outdoor preservative effect, marble or granite needs a good texture to Anti-human damage. So steel structure embalmed, anti-rain and vandalism.

Function: single function, mainly placed in outdoor spaces such as parks, residential roadside. People use for outdoor the cassock cold, sitting; beautiful: visual effects mainly outdoor environment