Traders quality of wastewater icing increased sanitation workload

Time:2012-12-29 03:37:25
Most parts of China recently ushered in a strong cold front, many people have to wear a thick down jacket, blowing air conditioning and heating at home, this group of sanitation workers has hit the ice around the streets, said this event is trying hit the ice king aunt said: We worked from morning until now.

The section of the road is the entrance of a school, and most of the street is mostly some small noodle shop and a small restaurant, a lot of traders in the evening after the used wastewater spilled like the ground directly, these small businesses in order to prevent sewage sewers clogged directly poured water into in roadside drainage wells. Formed quickly due to the cold weather spilled water ice, a particularly dirty ice. Sanitation workers because of the weather every week to clean up more than three times. For sanitation workers is undoubtedly an increased workload.

We came to the sanitation workers are working, and I saw their hands with a thick nylon gloves, hand tools hit some of the ice, kneeling on one knee in these residual ice above, which, like slowly to de-icing. For dumping sewage in particular, icing especially they even want to work more than two hours, can be completely resolved. We see the ice frozen very strong, pedestrians if you step on it will be wrestling. Leaned looked into the ice above, which lack some residual food leaves residues of rice and some noodles particles inside. These man-made ice always give people headaches.

Relevant responsible person said: and before first such situation occurs when we told these small businesses some persuasion, do not go on the road splashed wastewater. These businesses are promised persuasion is very good, he would not go down the road splashing. You see! Said before, after, or no effect. We hope that by some platform for merchants who do not go to the road splashing human icing in winter. The cold winter season, the sanitation workers every day to busy citizens snow removal and clear roads, not to give them increased workload!

Chongqing trash Chongqing, Chongqing Arlau lounge chair manufacturers this prompt: winter, when thousands of others for the sanitation workers to increase the difficulty of the work. This winter sanitation workers busy clearing snow easy!