How to clean the camping bed?

Time:2013-04-02 12:48:41

First, if the camping bed stained with the stain, you can use the milk to wipe it, this way can make bed more shiny and soft.

Second, if the camping bed accidentally stained with grease,you can wipe with warm soapy water, and then use the eraser to out it.

Third, if the camping bed stained with ball-point pen, the best way to clean it is using eraser.

Fourth, if you careless spilled beer, soda and coffee on the bed, first you should wipe with warm water, and then wipe it with water.

Fifth, if the gum sticks to the camping bed, first you canuse the ice to make it solidification and then you can take it easily.

Sixth, if the camping bed touches to cream, you can blot with a dry cloth first, then wipe with a little detergent.


First, you should avoid placing the folding bed in directsunlight and moisture place;

Second, please do not use alcohol to clean the stain.