The difference between steel outdoor furniture and wood

Time:2012-12-29 03:37:25
Today Arlau gave us something about what is the difference between steel outdoor tables and chairs with wooden outdoor furniture. In fact, many of my friends more than these two concepts are very vague, and believe that a steel wood on the essential difference. In fact, today Chongqing Arlau we give further analysis.

First analysis of the characteristics of the the Arlau steel outdoor leisure furniture to analyze: the first course is from the material he is the steelmaker, firmness strong Loss Prevention put the sun as well as fire prevention. The overall use made ??of hollow style, aesthetics is relatively good. Disadvantages: summer if long-term exposure to outdoor tables and chairs there will be no damage. The strong steel endothermic. So one summer, it is estimated that no one would dare to do. Winter especially. Cold steel Few people dare to do! This is steel tables and chairs, although has a long life, but extreme weather can only let people looked at him.

Arlau wooden outdoor leisure furniture: the first has a very good appearance. The second shaping shape than steel arc always nice. The third has a multi-day warm summer cool features, while emitting an unique flavor, because we are used to high quality imported mountain camphor is made, we all know that the mountain camphor is generally used to make furniture. Because he can distribute an unique flavor, insects can kill off part of the rot.

Both have their own characteristics. Friends can according to their own needs or the cell needs to make a purchase! Chongqing Arlau welcome everyone to come to counseling steel outdoor tables and chairs and wood outdoor seat!